Having an itchy allergic dog that constantly suffers from itchy ears and ear infections, as well as chews their paws and makes them sore, red and infected is heartbreaking.

It drastically reduces the quality of life of your dog, and sometimes, these allergies are accompanied by abdominal pain and cramping as dogs very often suffer from allergic reactions to animal proteins in the food.

Dogs being fed a healthy balanced plant-based diet with none of the top allergens found in the food (beef, dairy, wheat, lamb, egg, chicken, soya, pork, corn, rabbit and fish) will stop scratching as these proteins can be fully eliminated from the diet if they are the cause of the allergy. Food allergies tend to develop in young dogs who have been fed the same food over a period of time and it tends to show as very itchy ears and ear infections.

Veterinary Dermatology Article showing main food allergens in dogs

There is nothing more worrying than having your dog constantly itching, scratching and uncomfortable. They are more prone to skin infections, ear infections and secondary yeast problems if the scratching is not kept fully under control and none of us want to see our pets in pain.

Plant-based diets can also be made to be more beneficial to the skin barrier function (that is normally compromised in our itchy atopic pets who constantly chew and lick their paws), as they can have the addition of the purest form of EPA and DHA as Omega 3 Algae oil supplements as well as the addition of plant-based foods high in polyphenols (such as blueberries and oregano, mint) that act as anti-oxidants to benefit the skin.

It is easier to find polyphenols and Vitamin E naturally in plant-based sources rather than in commercial dry foods where they are added in as supplements rather than coming straight from the plant source. Anything that strengthens the important skin barrier is vital to stop your itchy pet from scratching – we feel plant-based diets offer the kindest most sustainable solution.

Sadly most vets will tell you the only way they have been taught – to feed a novel protein to your dog instead of a plant-based diet. These ‘novel proteins’ ie proteins that your itchy pet may never have come into contact with before, offer non-sustainable and unkind options. These pet foods may contain duck or deer or rabbit, and as animal lovers, we don’t even want to imagine how these beautiful animals used in novel diets are transported and slaughtered just to feed our itchy pets.

Another source of protein in most commercial skin-based dog foods is fish – either as the main protein source or as oils. We know that in our current climate emergency that we are facing, that there is no such thing as ‘sustainable fishing’. We have to protect our oceans and our marine life who rely on the small fish that are usually used in most pet foods, so yet again a plant-based diet for our itchy pets is the most sustainable option.

“Hank eats Green Crunch and Solo-Vegetal dog food and he loves carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes & Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush chews. He likes off lead running and playing with other dogs and fetch. He has allergy issues (environmental allergies as well as an allergy to soya, peas, beef, cabbage). He used to have recurrent ear infections and itchy paws. He received Cytopoint injections every 2 months.

Being plant-based has changed Hank’s life. He loves our recipes and foods we recommend, as does his ‘sister’ Luna”

Beth, Norwich

Marx's Owner

This article is to make you the dog owner aware of another top allergen that is found on dry dog food (not in it), and that is storage mites. According to a veterinary article published in October 2019

Any dry food or kibble diets are made to last for a period of time on the shelf and they can carry storage mites that your atopic dog may react to especially if they suffer with the most common of all – a house dust mite allergy. We advise keeping any dry food away from your pet in a sealed container (especially if you buy very big 15kg bags), or in the fridge if they do suffer from a house dust mite allergy to prevent a reaction to storage mites in dry food.

We provide you with 5 easy to prepare homemade recipes in the Green Paws Challenge that are the solution for dogs with a mite allergy as there is then no concern about storage mites in the dry food!


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A gentle and kind fully balanced 100% plant-based diet can certainly help your itchy, allergic pet and I can help you achieve this for your dog…and make sure they like it as much as our own family dog shown below enjoying his food – watch how he licks his bowl clean!

* Please make us aware in our online Green Paws Challenge form of any allergens that your dog may have and we will send the correct foods and recipes specific to your dog’s requirements!



What other treatments are there for itchy dogs?


heart green Keep their fur short and wash your dog regularly to remove any contact allergens from the skin and fur. Douxo shampoo is gentle with both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties if your dog is prone to a red infected skin. Even easier, are new Douxo pads that also target bacteria and are anti-fungal and gentle to use.


heart green Choose skin protectants to maintain a healthy skin barrier. Omega 3 rich Algae oil capsules are advised to be given daily at a dose of 1 capsule/25kg dog. Zinc and biotin are also very important for a healthy skin and both of these are added to our high nutrient homemade dog treats that we send in the Green Paws Package.


heart green Another way to benefit the skin-barrier of your pet naturally is through the use of Dermoscent spot-ons that help to balance the skin flora.


heart green Feed a plant-based natural high nutrient diet that benefits the full health of your pet.

Our Homemade Recipes

Our Homemade Recipes

I work with 2 top vet nutritionists who helped formulate our JUST BE KIND supplement and recipes to ensure that all essential nutrients are present in a 100% plant-based diet

The dog must go!

The dog must go!

The contestants had no idea that the family dog, fed two predominantly meat-based meals a day, had a higher carbon footprint than driving the family car

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