Essential Amino Acids

A dog food which consists of 18{9b26eb44abcd5a26fcad8be2905fe7e84a7a487ef24e453142a20b4f73c0a375} protein from meat may be adequate to meet your dogs protein requirements, whereas a dog food which has 18{9b26eb44abcd5a26fcad8be2905fe7e84a7a487ef24e453142a20b4f73c0a375} protein from legumes may not be adequate. When choosing vegan dog food, choose options with higher protein percentages to compensate for the lower assimilation of vegetable proteins.

About 30{9b26eb44abcd5a26fcad8be2905fe7e84a7a487ef24e453142a20b4f73c0a375} of protein goes towards maintaining skin and coat, so the first sign of a protein deficiency in your dog will probably be a poor coat.

There are 23 amino acids which dogs need. Of these, 10 are essential amino acids, meaning that your dog must obtain them through food. The other 13 amino acids are non-essential for dogs. This does mean that dogs do not need them. It just means that dogs can manufacture them out of the essential amino acids.

The 10 essential amino acids are: arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine.

All of these essential amino acids for dogs can be found in the balance we have sourced using non organic lupine protein, pumpkin seed protein powder, buckwheat and marine phytoplankton. According to the European Pet Food Industry Fediaf, they state that –

Vegan diets for Pets

Vegan foods (no animal products) should be carefully checked by a vet or animal nutritionist as they may be deficient in arginine, lysine, methionine, tryptophan, taurine, iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin A and some B vitamins. Meticulous attention to detail would be needed to assure nutritional adequacy and palatability.

With this in mind, we have concentrated on ensuring that our homemade protein packs contain all the amino acids that Fediaf are concerned could be lacking in a vegan dog food diet.

The extra essential nutrients such as taurine has been added and we use a  perfectly balanced mineral dog feed supplement sourced from Germany (Vegdog All-In-Veluxe supplement ) to supply extra Vitamin B, Calcium and Vitamin D3.

Remember that overdosing of certain vitamins and minerals can be as dangerous as not supplementing at all so we ensure that our protein packs are not oversupplemented as plant-based homemade diets are essentially full of nutrients.


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