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Green Paws Supergreens Supplement Powder contains a protein boost as well as being rich in anti-oxidants from Supergreen Spirulina. It is ideal to feed your dog if you wanted to offer just a flexitarian option with amazing side dishes.

This Supergreens supplement is free from artificial additives, colourants and preservatives and is made of pure Spirulina that is anti-oxidant and vitamin rich to boost the health of your pet.

Spirulina, Taurine, L-Carnitine, L-Tryptophan, DL-Methionine

One 125g supergreen sachet should last approximately 2 months if feeding your pet with wholesome homecooked side dishes daily as it is to be used sparingly and sprinkled from a teaspoon onto cooked homemade food.




1. Grate 1 courgette and fry it with some oil and crumbled tofu. Add a dash of soya sauce and a small sprinkle of supergreen supplement and serve to your pet with some cooked quinoa as a full meal or without quinoa as a tasty side dish.

2. Line a baking tray with some oil and add fresh kale or spinach. Sprinkle with sunflower oil + generous amount of nutritional yeast + a very small amount of supergreen supplement sprinkled from a teaspoon, and bake for 15-20 minutes until crunchy but not burnt. Can be shared with your pet as so rich in nutrients.

3. Cook extra quinoa, brown rice, white rice, polenta, pasta, sweet potato or couscous when you make a family meal. These natural healthy non-processed nutrients in homemade food with a small sprinkling of Supergreen Supplement is the most effective and cheapest way of ensuring a long and healthy life for your pet. Adding some nutritional yeast to the food or a splash of soya sauce will tempt even the fussiest of pets!

4. Polenta cakes made with naturally sweet and nutrient rich organic polenta are irresistible to dogs. Simply boil some polenta with water and some plant-based milk. Stir frequently over the hob and heat for about 20 minutes. Once it starts to harden, sprinkle some Supergreen Supplement over it with a thin layer of tahini or peanut butter and offer this to your dog for a delicious side dish. Only half the amount of dog food is needed if complementing your dog’s daily diet with these healthy and nutritious dishes!

5. If your pet is carrying extra weight as they love their food and you love them; simply cook 1 meal a day of vegetables such as peas, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, courgettes, chickpeas (can use frozen vegetables) and sprinkle a small amount of supergreen supplement + nutritional yeast over the vegetables for a daily meal that is irresistible and super healthy for your pet to prolong their life naturally. Remember to cut the amount of dog food you normally feed by half as the other half of their meal is made from nutrient rich vegetables with the added supplement to supply those extra amino acids and vitamins. You will literally see the weight just drop off!



The combination of colourful vegetables with a tiny sprinkling of the Green Paws Supergreen Supplement to provide the added antioxidants and extra amino acids needed (including the metabolism boosting L-Carnitine that is found in all diet pet foods) + some nutritional yeast to add extra B vitamins and flavour, make up a very low calorie and nutrient dense easy bowl of wholesome healthy food for your dog!

See how much Charlie loves his bowl of daily vegetables in this great video made by his Mum. What a success for his future health as his weight will now be kept under control so safely and easily!

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