Luscious Nutritious Legumes

lentils and legumes in a plant-based dog food diet

Legumes are a significant source of protein, dietary fibre, carbohydrates and dietary minerals including folate and manganese. They contain no cholesterol and little fat. The protein of food legumes is a rich source of the amino acids lysine and tryptophan but is relatively low in sulphur amino acids which is why we add the VEGDOG supplement to our recipes to supplement those amino acids that are lacking. They are also delicious and dogs are naturally drawn to eating lentils as they can smell the protein in legumes.

Legumes have been cultivated by humans going back thousands of years, with dry pea seeds having been discovered in a Swiss village that are believed to date back to the Stone Age!


What are the only concerns about feeding lentils and legumes?

There have been plenty of articles written recently highlighting the possible effects of dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs fed on a plant-based diet specifically high in lentils or legumes as the protein source. The articles are very non-conclusive as to the exact cause of heart disease in dogs being fed ‘alternative diets’ but we do know that phytic acid, or phytate, is an antioxidant found in all edible plant seeds, including legumes.

It impairs the absorption of iron, zinc, and calcium from your pet’s food and may increase the risk of mineral deficiencies in dogs who rely on legumes or other high-phytate foods as their main protein source.

For this very reason, all our recipes contain VEGDOG supplement with added Zinc, Taurine, l-Carnitine and Vit B12 and D3 to ensure that there are no deficiencies in your dog’s homemade diet.

One of our homemade recipes – our Supersprouts Recipe (sold as part of the Green Paws Challenge) uses sprouted lentils rather than purely soaked lentils as it has been shown that sprouting the lentils reduces the amounts of phytates. We also send you the sprouts and sprouting jar in the Green Paws Challenge as they are so easy to grow on a windowsill (with no light).

For the rest of the recipes, we advise soaking the dry lentils for 24 hours prior to cooking as this too makes them more digestible and reduces the phytate levels.

dogs go plant-based heart

dogs go plant based heart and paw
“You can’t control everything in your dog’s life, but you can control what you feed him. Every cell in your dog’s body is made from the food that goes in their mouths – choose wisely”
Vet Arielle

dogs go plant based heart and paw

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