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Cooked kale is a powerhouse of nutrients and an essential addition to our plant-based dogs’ diets. Cooked kale offers more iron per ounce than beef (!) and it has one of highest sources of calcium of all the greens – and it tastes great once cooked! It’s name ‘kale’ is actually derived from the word calcium – further proof of how nutritious kale is!

The word folate is derived from the ‘foliage’, and folates are vital in our elderly dogs to reverse the onset of cataracts that we see so often as our dear pets age and their eyes go ‘glassy’. So many vets will tell you that it is simply old age and nothing can be done, but just feeding bright green nutritious kale can reverse these and allow your elderly pet to recognise you for longer.

It is one of the main vegetables chosen in our homemade recipes and in our ‘treat recipe’ combined with nutritional yeast.

If you have homegrown greens on your window sill or in your garden, it is highly recommended that you use these in the homemade food. Parsley and basil are ideal too, used in all our homemade recipes and are also classed as supergreens!

We have not recommended the use of spinach in our homemade recipes. It can certainly be added (and better to just use the leaves and cut away the fibrous stalks) as it is high in iron and folates. Spinach is high too in oxalates that can affect the absorption of calcium in your dog’s body. Certain breeds such as Dalmatians are prone to bladder stones formed by oxalate crystals, so avoid spinach in the homemade plant-diet of any Dalmatians.

Supergreens Kale plant based dog food
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“You can’t control everything in your dog’s life, but you can control what you feed him. Every cell in your dog’s body is made from the food that goes in their mouths – choose wisely”
Vet Arielle

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