Taré Pets Joint & BoneTaré Pets Joint & Bone Soft Chews

These very palatable sustainably sourced soft chews are packed with nutrients to support your dog’s joints over their lifetime.

They contain (per 4g chew) 450mg Glucosamine HCl, 250mg Linseed Powder, 140mg Vit C, 125mg Chondroitin (as plant-based Phytodroitin), 62.5mg Marine Algae Calcium, 5mg Hyaluronic Acid, 2μg Vit D3 and more

No shellfish or mussels have been harmed in the making of this prime product as everything has been sourced to be as organic and sustainable as possible, right down to the non-plastic packaging.

These ingredients all combine to offer your pets natural joint pain relief in a very tasty soft chew that can be given as a ‘treat’ to your dog they are that delicious. Highly recommended for any dogs with joint issues needing extra support from natural ingredients, and they can even be used to give any other medication that your dog may be on as they can be moulded!


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