Transform Your Dog's Health Masterclass
Dr Arielle speaking at London Vet Show

Gain the confidence to feed your dog correctly – led by a passionate plant-based vet nutritionist

If not fed correctly, so many problems can arise for our dogs – the impact of diet affects everything about our dog’s health.

Dr Arielle has seen first-hand the devastating impact of making errors with your dog’s nutrition.

Everything that Dr Arielle teaches you is based on her own passion to find the best food for her own family dog Ruff.

Do you prefer to learn through group work and weekly sessions, rather than online learning on your own?

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Our Masterclass offers you just that! The opportunity to learn from an expert in her field – Dr Arielle, while working through concerns that we all have with other devoted owners. Through shared experiences, and learning together in a very supportive and friendly environment in small groups, we are far more likely to succeed in getting it right for our dogs.

So often, we purchase online courses and ever even get to start them, so working through this fascinating field of plant-based nutrition with weekly sessions to ensure that you miss nothing, is far more effective.



THANK YOU! I can’t tell you how much I value all your advice. I’ve waited so long to find a professional like you.”

Linda, Inverness (Mac’s owner)

Healthy vegan dogs Carly and Muffin

“I know for a fact Carly and Muffin are healthier and I have given them the best chance of living longer. Also they love their food”
– Heather, Swansea

gold stars

This nutrition Masterclass was instrumental in giving me the confidence to transition our 2 x Hungarian Vizslas (8 & 12 year olds) onto a 100% plant-based diet.

The knowledge base tapped into was fantastic.


gold stars

Thank you Arielle for leading the way and teaching me about my dog’s plant-based diet. As a vegan it makes me feel so happy that I no longer have to feed my dog Cali meat, she loves her home cooked food and I enjoy cooking it…

Your knowledge and kindness and personal investment has been key to our success
Thank you so much

Kindest regards


gold stars

The Masterclass is fantastic very informative, just what we need.
Thank you for your passion…
Both of my dogs look amazing, especially my 13 year old Bryan as his cloudy eyes are now clear and all his energy has returned!


Ready to transform your dogs health?

The Transform Your Dog’s Health Masterclass includes

  • 6 x live online classes in small friendly groups led by Dr Arielle
  • All your questions and concerns about your dog’s health answered
  • Tailormade recipes specific to your dog’s weight
  • The full Plant-Based Online Nutrition Course to access at any time
  • 10kgs of premium soya free dog food specific to your dog’s likes and requirements

All of this for just £450!

Have you already purchased the Online Nutrition Course?

It costs only £250 for all of the above if you have!!

Your Guide

Vegan vet Dr Arielle and puppy

Dr Arielle Griffiths BVSc MRCVS

Vet led support to answer all your questions

Arielle has been a vet for 30 years and a vegan vet for the last 4.5 years. She is passionate about the bond that we have with our pets as she has it too with her family dog Ruff. It is only by finding the perfect diet for Ruff, that prompted Arielle to begin to help others with feeding their dogs a balanced vegan diet. It has turned into her passion and she is extremely knowledgeable about anything to do with the nutritional health of your dog, while also being very compassionate and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the full Masterclass cost?

The full Transform Your Dog’s Health Masterclass will be held in January 2024 and costs £450. It is made up of 6 online classes where you will be invited to learn everything that Dr Arielle Griffiths knows about plant-based nutrition in our dogs.

You will be able to ask questions and you will receive individual tailormade recipes for your dog as well as all the essential supplements needed AND 10kgs premium food to suit your dog! You will also receive access to our Online Nutrition Course which is kept fully updated and you can use it when you need it.

If you prefer to study on your own, then you can access our online Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Course here with 16 sections that answer all the important questions for just £145. You have lifetime access to the information and the course is kept constantly updated.

Please tell me more about the Transform Your Dog's Health Masterclass

Dr Arielle has seen so many problems if dogs are not fed correctly, and she shares all her knowledge with you. These classes will be recorded and available to you at any time should you not have time to attend each class. We will work together as a group discussing very emotive and important issues each week.

Places will be limited in January to only 10 people per 6 week session so if full, you will be placed on a waiting list.
You will be able to ask questions and you will receive individual tailormade recipes for your dog with the essential supplements needed AND 10kgs of a premium plant-based food for your dog! You will receive access to our Plant-Based Online Nutrition Course which is kept fully updated and you can use it when you need it for your pet’s lifetime.

Please note – for UK only as we cannot post abroad, but you CAN purchase and access the Online Nutrition Course from anywhere in the world to have all your questions answered!


Is the Nutrition Course for me?

If you are serious about your dog’s long term health and you just want to keep learning more, then this online Course is definitely for you. You can access all the information whenever you need it throughout your dog’s life.

If you prefer to learn through 6 structured online classes over 6 weeks led by Dr Arielle Griffiths with a chance to ask questions and have the full support of a small friendly group of owners just like you, then we have our Transform Your Dog’s Health Masterclass.

Spaces limited and costs £450 for the 6 weeks including the tailormade recipes, supplement and 10kg premium food (full value over £1000 and value on your pet’s health…..PRICELESS!)

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gold stars

I realised through reading the plant-based nutrition course that I feel much more motivated to learn about Nutritional Science for my Labrador Beau’s wellbeing, than if I were to learn it to master my own vegan diet! Arielle makes this learning a joy. Her teaching is warm and deeply compassionate. She generously shares a wealth of nutritional and veterinary knowledge, and advice from her own experience, in a way I (a non-academic) can understand and implement in Beau’s life, in manageable steps. I truly feel that investing in this Masterclass is the best education investment that I have ever made.
It is excellent value for money and highly recommended.

Sara and Beau

gold stars

The plant-based dog nutrition Masterclass is absolutely amazing… with Arielle’s help I have deepened my knowledge of the subject and now have confidence in what I am doing. This rich resource is packed with interesting facts, case studies and useful information.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of making a step to a better way of feeding our little furry friends 🤍

Petra and Roma

gold stars

I have been looking for a vegan nutrition resource for dogs for a long time. I started studying a regular nutrition course for dogs and just not getting the information I needed. This Masterclass is giving me the confidence to feed my dogs vegan homemade food. I feel I have the recipes and background knowledge to create the recipes confidently.

Thank you so much


THANK YOU! I can’t tell you how much I value all your advice. I’ve waited so long to find a professional like you.”

Linda, Inverness (Mac’s owner)