“Peaches just loves her homemade food and it is great to know it has all the nutrients she needs to grow and be healthy.

Your recipes have enabled me to feed her a plant-based diet that doesn’t require any other animals to suffer and that minimises the impact on the environment.

Thank you for all your help and support”

Max, Penarth

Peaches Owner

When puppy Peaches joined her family, owner Max made the decision to feed her homemade plant-based food with our help. Peaches was initially eating Hills Science Plan large breed puppy food and he was going to transition her onto Benevo puppy. When hearing about the lack of nutrients in Benevo puppy, Max chose homecooking only for lucky Peaches.

We sent all of Peaches’ details to Dr Lisa and she was able to formulate a diet bespoke for Peaches and her growth and requirements at each stage.

We are using Peaches as a case study as we so admire the hard work that Max has put into her health. He only homecooks for her and follows the recipes that we send him as she grows. Dr Lisa carefully plots Peaches’ growth against a chart and it has been perfect for her weight and size. She is from champion stock and Dr Lisa has predicted her adult weight from her parent’s size, and she has to have her recipe changed every 3 months to ensure adequate supplies of the essential nutrients at the various growth phases.

The images below and the video showing Peaches after 4 months of eating only homemade food have all been kindly sent in by Max. He has sent in photos of the cooking process and even how he uses the food in her Kongs to keep Peaches mentally stimulated.

What a lucky puppy Peaches is having such dedicated owners doing the best for both her and the environment and her growth is perfect! She is an adult now, and amazingly, Max still homecooks for her….and she still loves her food!

Large pot with all ingredients added for homemade plant-based puppy diet
Batch cooking in daily portions homemade plant-based puppy diets
Nutrient rich topping only added to cooled cooked food in homemade plant-based puppy diet
Peaches vegan puppy fed homemade vegan dog food using All-In-Veluxe VegDog supplement
Ingredients needed for homemade puppy diet
Chopped apples and vegetables for homemade plant-based puppy diet
All ingredients carefully blended for best absorption of nutrients in plant-based puppy homemade diet
Food added to Kongs for mental stimulation of puppies