“I know for a fact Carly and Muffin are healthier and I have given them the best chance of living longer. Also they love their food”
– Heather, Swansea

How Plant-Based Nutrition Can Help Your Dog

The results have been AMAZING!

The results have been AMAZING!

I started my dog, Cash, on a plant based diet 5 months ago, and the results have been amazing! He is an elderly dog with arthritic hips.

Nancy’s Calcium levels were worryingly low!

Nancy’s Calcium levels were worryingly low!

If you are not using a commercially prepared complete vegan dog food, with a formal analysis that you can check for nutritional completeness, be very careful that you are meeting a dog’s nutritional requirements

Dog Nutrition Education

Giving you the confidence to feed your dog correctly as led by a passionate plant-based vet nutritionist

Learn why dogs are better suited to a plant-based diet
(Content in our Online Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Course)

Evolution and physiology of dogs


The animal protein and allergy debate

Case studies of happy dogs living longer lives
Your dog’s gut microbiome
Plants – a TRUE protein
Make sure your dog’s vegan diet is complete
(Content in our Online Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Course)
Avoid health problems later on in life
Know what to look out for on ingredient lists
Which brands are the best quality
Home cooking balanced food for your dog
Case studies to learn from
Solving common conditions your dog may have with a plant-based diet
(Content in our Online Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Course)

Kidney disease and pancreatitis

Allergies and intolerances
IBD and Colitis
Dilated cardiomyopathy

Bonus section on cancer in dogs by top specialist!

Making sure your dog is eating the best for their life stage
(Content in our Online Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Course)
Plant-based puppies
Elderly dogs and arthritis
Feeding giant breeds
Weight issues

Heart health

Have full control of your dog’s health
by feeding them properly

gold stars

This online nutrition course was instrumental in giving me the confidence to transition our 2 x Hungarian Vizslas (8 & 12 year olds) onto a 100% plant-based diet.

The knowledge base tapped into was fantastic.


gold stars

I realised through reading the plant-based nutrition course that I feel much more motivated to learn about Nutritional Science for my Labrador Beau’s wellbeing, than if I were to learn it to master my own vegan diet! Arielle makes this learning a joy. Her teaching is warm and deeply compassionate. She generously shares a wealth of nutritional and veterinary knowledge, and advice from her own experience, in a way I (a non-academic) can understand and implement in Beau’s life, in manageable steps. I truly feel that investing in this course is the best education investment that I have ever made.
It is excellent value for money and highly recommended.
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Sara and Beau

gold stars

The plant-based dog nutrition course is absolutely amazing… with Arielle’s help I have deepened my knowledge of the subject and now have confidence in what I am doing. This rich resource is packed with interesting facts, case studies and useful information.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of making a step to a better way of feeding our little furry friends 🤍

Petra and Roma

gold stars

Thank you Arielle for leading the way and teaching me about my dog’s plant-based diet. As a vegan it makes me feel so happy that I no longer have to feed my dog Cali meat, she loves her home cooked food and I enjoy cooking it…

Your knowledge and kindness and personal investment has been key to our success
Thank you so much

Kindest regards


gold stars

The nutrition course is fantastic very informative, just what we need.
Thank you for your passion…
Both of my dogs look amazing, especially my 13 year old Bryan as his cloudy eyes are now clear and all his energy has returned!
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gold stars

I have been looking for a vegan nutrition resource for dogs for a long time. I started studying a regular nutrition course for dogs and just not getting the information I needed. This online course is giving me the confidence to feed my dogs vegan homemade food. I feel I have the recipes and background knowledge to create the recipes confidently.

Thank you so much


THANK YOU! I can’t tell you how much I value all your advice. I’ve waited so long to find a professional like you.”

Linda, Inverness (Mac’s owner)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Online Course cost?

If you want to study on your own and you receive instant access to all this knowledge, then you can purchase our online Plant-Based Dog Nutrition Course here with 16 sections that answer all the important questions for just £145. You have lifetime access to the information and the course is kept constantly updated.

Is the Nutrition Course for me?

If you are serious about your dog’s long term health and you just want to keep learning more, then this Course is definitely for you. You can access all the information whenever you need it throughout your dog’s life.

If you prefer to learn through 6 structured online classes over 6 weeks led by Dr Arielle Griffiths with a chance to ask questions and receive the necessary supplements and food to be fully prepared, then we will be running a  A Transform Your Dog’s Health Masterclass in January 2024. Spaces limited and costs £450 for the 6 weeks.

Can I pay by Paypal?

Yes, we offer the option to not only pay by Paypal for the Plant-Based Online Nutrition Course, but you can also split the cost with 3 interest free payments using Paypal.

Use this link to pay using Paypal

What if I want a refund?

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please contact us in the first 30 days and we will issue you a full refund.

Vegan vet Arielle wearing facemask and being licked by dog at work

Vet led support answering all your questions
Dr Arielle Griffiths BVSc MRCVS

Arielle has been a vet for almost 30 years and a vegan vet for the last 4 years. She is passionate about the bond that we have with our pets as she has it too with her family dog Ruff. It is only by finding the perfect diet for Ruff, that prompted Arielle to begin to help others with feeding their dogs a balanced vegan diet. It has turned into her passion and she is extremely knowledgeable about anything to do with the nutritional health of your dog, while also being very compassionate and understanding.

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  • Aren’t dogs descended from wolves and they must eat meat?
  • When did the domestication of dogs occur?
  • What did Bronze Age dogs eat?
  • How has the digestive tract of the dog changed and adapted?
  • What other adaptations are there other than adapting to eating starch?
  • Do dogs produce amylase in their saliva?
  • Why do street dogs in India live longer than some of our domestic dogs?
  • How have other species of wolves adapted?
  • How have dogs evolved to eat alongside humans? (and trick us with their cuteness!)
  • What do dedicated vegan dog owners say about feeding their own dogs plant-based?
  • What is the history of dog food – where did it all start?
  • What are the real ingredients and sources of meat-based processed food?
  • Why do we always have to wash our hands when touching meat-based biscuits or rawhide treats?
  • What about raw feeding on the health of our pets?
  • Why do some dogs get tear-staining or brown staining around their mouths?
  • What about OUR health when feeding raw meats to our pets?
  • Is vegan dog food a new concept?
  • Where did commercial vegan dog food start and do you use V-Dog or Benevo?
  • Why did a veterinary dermatology company import the first vegan dog food?
  • When did vegan dog food really see a surge?
  • What makes a dog food brand fully balanced – what should we look for?
  • What makes a dog food brand fully balanced AND vegan?
  • Why are some brands marketed as vegetarian and are they balanced?
  • Why do they not add in the extra amino acids needed to balance the diet?
  • Where will the protein come from?
  • Which amino acids are limited in a plant-based diet?
  • When using pure plant-based proteins, what is the effect on a dog’s coat and fur?
  • Does a lack of Taurine cause dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs?
  • How important is L-Carnitine as an addition in a vegan dog food diet?
  • What are the right protein levels for dogs to eat?
  • Why is the protein level important too in very sensitive dogs?
  • What about the bioavailability of plant-based protein sources in our dogs?
  • Is soya the best protein source for our dogs?
  • Which balanced vegan dog foods contain no soya?
  • Is wet dog food higher in protein?
  • Do dogs have different protein requirements?
  • What high quality plant proteins are good for our dogs?
  • Which is the best Tofu to feed my dog?
  • Why are legumes so high in protein compared to other plant sources?
  • What are the main micronutrients needed to complete a vegan dog food diet?
  • How important is Vitamin B12 for your dog?
  • What is the best supplement of Vit B12 when home cooking?
  • How can you increase the absorption of Vit B12?
  • What about the addition of essential fats in your dog’s diet?
  • What are the essential fats and what do they do?
  • Why are flaxseeds not a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids in our dogs?
  • What is the best source of pure Omega 3 for our dogs?
  • What is the best source of Omega 6 for our dogs?
  • Where do vegan dogs get their iron source from?
  • How can you help your dog absorb enough iron in their diet?
  • Where are you going to get your dog’s calcium from in a vegan diet?
  • What is the best Vit D source for your dogs?
  • Are mushrooms a good source of Vit D3 in our dogs?
  • Why should you transition a dog slowly from a meat-based to a plant-based diet?
  • What exactly is the gut microbiome?
  • What is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?
  • Why do dogs eat grass?
  • What about dogs that eat their own poo or that of other species?
  • What is the best way to stop dogs eating poo?
  • What about antibiotics  – what effect do they have on our dog’s gut flora?
  • What is the main function of the gut microbiome in our dogs?
  • Will a healthy gut microbiome affect my dog’s behaviour?
  • Why choose to home cook for your dog?
  • What foods should we avoid feeding our dogs on a homemade plant-based diet?
  • Can dogs be fed garlic?
  • Can dogs be fed nuts?
  • Can dogs be fed avocados?
  • Where do I start with home cooking for my dog?
  • What are your TOP TIPS with home cooking for dogs?
  • Why is it so important to supplement a homemade vegan dog food diet?
  • Which supplements do you recommend for vegan homefed dogs?
  • What is the dose to give of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils to our dogs?
  • How do I know how much to feed my dog?
  • How do I reduce costs when feeding my dog a homemade vegan diet?
  • What if my dog stops eating my homemade food?
  • Why choose vegan dog treats for your dogs?
  • Did you know that rawhide dog treats are as full of bacteria as raw meat?
  • What are the healthiest vegan dog treats that we can give?
  • Is popcorn a good vegan treat to give our dogs?
  • What high value plant-based dog treats are there?
  • What popular commercial vegan dog treats and chews are there?
  • Are there any commercial vegan dog treats that you do not recommend?
  • How do I answer the queries from my friends when I transition my dog to a vegan diet?
  • How do I tell my vet that my dog is on a vegan diet?
  • How do I save money on vet bills?


  • Is it safe to feed a puppy a vegan diet?
  • Why choose a vegan diet for a puppy?
  • Do some puppies have to go onto a vegan diet?
  • What vegan puppy diets are available?
  • What requirements do puppies have when on a vegan diet?
  • What is the best way to transition a puppy to a plant-based diet?
  • What high value vegan dog treats are there for puppies?
  • What advice can you give regarding neutering?
  • How does a plant-based diet benefit elderly dogs?
  • What are the best vegan treatments for arthritis in our dogs?
  • Why do we have a problem with obesity in our dogs?
  • How do I know if my pet is overweight?
  • How do I weigh my dog?
  • What is the best way to help my dog lose weight naturally?
  • Is your pet in more pain if it carries extra weight?
  • What about my dog who is underweight?
  • Why is vegan dog food best for dogs with allergic skin conditions?
  • What is a cutaneous adverse food reaction?
  • What is the main allergen in dog foods?
  • What diet will vets use to treat dogs with an animal protein intolerance?
  • What is the best truly novel protein diet to use?
  • What other grain/wheat free balanced vegan diets are there?
  • Is food the main allergen in dogs?
  • What is the best natural treatment for atopy?
  • What is the dose to give of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils to support a healthy skin?
  • How else can you support the skin barrier in the diet?
  • Why are white dogs most affected by atopy?
  • What is inflammatory bowel disease and what causes it?
  • What are the clinical signs of IBD and how is it diagnosed?
  • What medication is used when your dog suffers from IBD?
  • Can IBD be managed with a vegan diet?
  • My dog has a bad bout of diarrhoea, what can I use instead of chicken and rice?
  • What is the best natural long term treatment for dogs with bouts of chronic diarrhoea?
  • What is the best treatment for anal gland problems in dogs?
  • What is colitis and what is the best treatment for colitis?
  • Can digestive issues change my dog’s behaviour?
  • What is the best kidney support plant-based dog food diet?
  • Are there any commercial vegan kidney diets?
  • What causes struvite crystals in the bladder or urinary tract of dogs?
  • What about home cooking for a dog with struvite crystals?
  • Why should I NOT use apple cider vinegar for my dog with struvite crystals?
  • What are purines and why are they relevant to dogs on a vegan diet?
  • What is Leishmaniasis?
  • What are oxalate crystals?
  • What causes pancreatitis in dogs?
  • What happens if dogs are fed a diet too low in fat?
  • What is the dose of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils to feed to a dog who has had pancreatitis?
  • What fat level should dogs be fed if they have suffered from pancreatitis?
  • What other nutrients must be fed to a dog with pancreatitis?
  • What if my dog’s liver is also affected?
  • What is the truth about Taurine in relation to your dog’s heart health?
  • Which dogs are most at risk of DCM?
  • Why is there no risk of DCM with a well formulated vegan dog food diet?
  • Which balanced vegan dog foods contain both the addition of Taurine and Methionine?
  • How important is L-Carnitine for heart health?
  • What other conditions make your dog susceptible to dilated cardiomyopathy?
  • What other nutrients are needed to support a healthy heart in our plant-based dogs?
  • What advice can you give feeding a giant breed dog a plant-based diet?
  • Bonus section – can a plant-based diet stop cancer in dogs by Dr Clare Knottenbelt UK’s top oncology vet specialist