“We are at such an exciting turning point with how we feed our dogs and the future is looking SO bright for plant-based dog food!”
– Dr Arielle Griffiths MRCVS

How Plant-Based Nutrition Can Benefit Your Dog

Solution to feeding all dogs with itchy allergic skin conditions as it is the most natural of all hypoallergenic diets made from pure truly novel plant proteins

Solution to feeding all dogs with sensitive digestion and intolerances to animal proteins, wheat, chicken and soya that may cause pain and IBD in your dog

Ideal natural diet for active and healthy dogs needing plant-powered nutrients, as well as those in their golden years needing extra pure anti-oxidants and highly palatable food

Ideal solution if you wanted to feed your dog the most sustainable and ethical diet available to protect our environment and be mindful of causing no harm to our farmed animals

The results have been AMAZING!

The results have been AMAZING!

I started my dog, Cash, on a plant based diet 5 months ago, and the results have been amazing! He is an elderly dog with arthritic hips.