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Plant Powered Paws Podcast

Why listen?

Plant Powered Paws Podcast delivers a wide range of invaluable information and advice from Dr Arielle and other leading industry professionals about research into pet nutrition, pet feeding choices and speaking to leaders in their field in an accessible, friendly way. Tune in for all you need to know about enhancing your dog’s health.

Dr Arielle being interviewed by BBC Radio 4 with Ruff!

Why Dr Arielle started the podcast

It is through Dr Arielle’s experience as a vet and seeing first hand how the impact of diet affects everything about our dog’s health. The pet food industry wields enormous power from the labels in the supermarket, to the ads that pop up in your Instagram feed, and most of all in vet practices with bold statements about the health benefits of commercial meat-based or even raw foods.

With Plant Powered Paws Podcast, Dr Arielle will be delivering the cold hard facts that will inform you and help shape the way you think about your pet’s nutrition as never before.

Listen to Dr Arielle being interviewed by Evan Davis on BBC Radio 4 in October 2023 with vegan dog Ruff in the studio!


What do we talk about?

More so than ever, we should all be remaining open-minded about what latest research is teaching us. It is only in the last few year, that we have had such overwhelming evidence pointing towards a nutritionally sound plant-based diet being best for our pets. From the research, our dogs could possibly live longer and be healthier.

Each of our podcasts will shed light on the importance of listening to not only the science as we speak to top scientists and other notable figures in the industry; but also to experience as Dr Arielle interviews owners with a wealth of knowledge and amazing stories to share who have been feeding their pets plant-based since the 80’s, how to feed your dog on a budget; and listen to the top experts explain so brilliantly the success behind plant-based dog nutrition!

Each guest brings with them a wealth of knowledge in their specialist field and delivers their expertise in a digestible and interesting way.

Dr Arielle and Prof Andrew Knight London Vet Show


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