Our Quinoa Homemade Family Recipe

As long as you weigh everything, you will have it 100% balanced. Our quinoa recipe is ideal for dogs with any allergies or issues with intolerances as it is 100% wheat free | soya free | corn free



Quinoa Vegdog Recipe


Cooked ingredients each carefully out weighed in grams specific to your dog

  • Frozen green peas
  • Sweet potato chopped – no skin
  • Kale, cauliflower, green beans
  • Quinoa – dry weight
  • Lentils – dry weight (but soaked for 24 hrs)


Nutrient rich icing also carefully weighed out



  • Weigh dry amount of lentils and soak overnight
  • Weigh out the frozen peas and chopped sweet potato (no skin) and add to a large pot with soaked lentils. Rinse the weighed amount of quinoa and add to the pot
  • Chop the weighed amounts of kale, green beans & cauliflower
  • Remove woody stems from the kale
  • Add all vegetables to the pot
  • Cover with water and boil on the hob for 40 minutes
  • Once boiled, drain and mash all the food well


Nutrient rich icing:

  • Cut the tip off the algae capsule and squeeze out the contents
  • Weigh out the sunflower oil (in grams)
  • Weigh out the coconut, ground almonds and VEGDOG supplement
  • Chop fresh parsley and mint and add to the mixture
  • Mix together with a little oat milk or almond milk to form a paste
  • You can add a grated apple to this mixture that helps add pectin to aid your dog’s digestion
  • ONLY WHEN COMPLETELY COOLED, ‘ice’ the top of the cooked, mashed and portioned food

Defrost overnight to feed in the morning to your dog. Keep refrigerated.

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