Read About Happy Healthy & Much Loved Plant-Based Dogs

heart greenCosmo absolutely loves his homecooked food. He eats 3 meals a day as he has eats when his family eats. His owner diligently cooks all his food and uses JUST BE KIND supplement. Cosmo just loves his daily Algae oil capsule and he comes running when his owner shakes the pot!

Cosmo, Australian Shepherd

heart greenMarx’ owner is thrilled that he loves his plant-based diet so much (homemade and Greta) as he was very itchy and used to chew his paws and scratch constantly before changing over to plant-based

Marx, Boxer x Lab


heart greenHandsome Teddy loves lots of long walks and currently eats Royal Canin. He is changing to Solo-Vegetal as he suffers from acid reflux

Teddy, Cockerpoo


heart greenBlue-eyed Ocean has eaten plant-based for 3 years. When her owner transitioned, he noticed her muscular development was astounding. She is fastest in the park, has bundles of energy, has never had a smelly breath and she just loves her food

Ocean, Crossbreed


heart greenJumble used to eat gravy bones as treats until his owner (a vet and top veterinary oncologist) decided to try him with high-nutrient homemade and plant-based treats as well as Solo Vegetal. He loves them and she is now committed to feeding him a healthier diet to have him around for longer! He has lost weight and brings his toys to his owner to play – like he did when he was a puppy

Jumble, Labrador

Vet's dog

heart greenNova eats Green Petfood Veggie Dog grain free. She loves Whimzee sticks, sweet pepper and peanut butter as well as regular walks (her Mum is a dogwalker) and she finds games to play

Nova, Mixed breed - Romanian rescue


heart greenTrevor eats Benevo puppy and his favourite treats are tofu, cherry tomatoes and shredded wheat. He loves running at the beach, learning tricks with his humans sibs, chasing doggies in the park, running with his mum (well I walk fast, while she runs 😂), Tug o war and stealing toilet rolls!

Trevor, Whippet


heart greenMolly prefers wet food and she eats Hownd and her favourite treats are Whimzees. She loves agility and playing hide and seek with her toys

Molly, Border Collie


heart greenIris is in her owner’s opinion a lazy dog! She suffers from itchy paws and various sensitivities and does well on a plant-based diet. Her favourite are treats made with peanut butter

Iris, Rescue Crossbreed

East Sussex

heart greenJazz eats Solo Vegetal kibble with Hownd canned wet food – sometimes over cooked rice and lentils with pumpkin and sweet potato. She retrieves balls at a hundred miles an hour and plays “which one?” as she sniffs out whether the treat is in owner’s left or right hand or which cup it’s under. She has stomach/bowel issues and at times, she eats grass like a cow. Her problems appear to have been severe with her previous family and since she’s settled with her new family and been on an essentially plant-based diet she’s been a lot better. She has bundles of energy and when people first meet her they think she is a puppy even though she is 8

Jazz, GSD x Belgian Malinois


heart green“Harvey loves the Solo Vegetal kibble. I combine it with the homemade food and also use it as treats on walks for all 3 of my dogs who all love it, and it is non greasy in my coat pocket!”

Harvey, Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Milton Keynes

heart greenMoopy eats Solo Vegetal tins, homemade food and Hownd Sup food and he loves sweet potato chews, chasing and tug of war

Moopy, Crossbreed


heart greenSweet boy Ziggy loves going for long walks and catching balls. He has transitioned to plant-based and eats Solo-Vegetal and loves homemade high-nutrient treats!

Ziggy, Staffy


heart greenHank eats Solo Vegetal dog food and he loves carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush chews. He likes off lead running and playing with other dogs and fetch. He has allergy issues (environmental allergies as well as allergy to soya, peas, beef, cabbage). Recurrent ear infections and itchy paws. Receives Cytopoint injections every 2 months. He loves our recipes as does his ‘sister’ Luna

Hank and Luna


heart greenGorgeous Nahla and Bruce used to be raw fed, but their owner realised quickly that they loved whatever they were being fed and she transitioned them to plant-based. In their owners words – they now have more energy, softer coats and their poops don’t smell!

Nahla and Bruce Staffies

North Yorkshire

heart greenBaxter suffers from an inflammatory condition called eosinophilic enteritis. He was eating Purina HA from his vet but still suffered with severe stomach cramps and his owner was very concerned about the pain he was in. He now eats Greta dry food, Solo-Vegetal and Green Crunch and his owner is thrilled that not only does Baxter love the food, but he also has variety with the different brands…..and Baxter is out of pain!

Baxter, Weimeraner


heart greenRocco eats 100% plant-based food – either homemade or kibble. He is a happy boy who likes to run and explore woodlands and play ball, but he sits and guards it rather than return with it!

Rocco Kelpie/Border Collie Cross


heart greenBeautiful boy Ralf whose full name is Claramund Kingsman eats Yarrah, Benevo, V-Dog and delicious Green Crunch

Ralf, Cocker Spaniel


heart greenCassie eats Benevo kibble, plus homemade vegetables and pulses. She loves carrots and cucumber, running after balls & chasing after her toys

Cassie, Podenco

Kings Heath, Birmingham

heart greenEva eats V-Dog and loves to run about like mad in the pools made in the sand along the beach. Also loves agility. Little Eva’s Mum echoes what we all feel about our dogs – “She’s amazing! We LOVE her with all our might!!

Eva, Collie Cross


heart greenSnoop has a very sensitive digestion which is typical of Weimeraners so his owners have transitioned him to plant-based to benefit his long term health

Snoop, Weimeraner


heart greenAlfred eat Hownd complete food. He loves Benevo pawtato knots & rumble strips, whimzee dental chews and carrots. He has a daily 3 mile run in the morning and 1 mile run in the evening

Alfred, Lurcher

Cherry Burton, East Yorkshire

heart greenApril and June are 2 racing rescue Greyhound sisters. Their devoted owner realised very quickly that they had very sensitive tummies and natures. She is a devoted to homecooking them high-nutrient plant-based treats and our recipes as well as being aware of how to feed them properly to settle their sensitive natures such as using plastic bowls instead of metal as the noise of dry food in their bowls frightened them. Lucky girls having such a devoted owner!

April and June, Greyhounds


heart greenOscar eats plant-based dog biscuits and he used to be on a raw meat diet. His Mum wanted to switch him which she managed so successfully. He loves Hownd biscuits in a horse ball as well as joining in with football and long walks

Oscar, Giant Schnauzer

Grantham, Lincolnshire

heart greenLittle Fudge suffers from an inflamed bowel and pancreatitis. Her owner is so relieved that she is able to feed Fudge a more natural plant-based diet rather than a processed hydrolysed meat-based diet to relieve her symptoms

Fudge, Bichon

Hinkley, Leicestershire

heart greenBea is a a 12 year old Golden Retriever who suffers from arthritis, loves any treats, eats homemade and dry plant-based food, and goes for a 30 minute walk (or swim) daily. Her Mum Sue switched her to a plant-based diet as in her words, she just wants to do the very best for the best companion anyone could wish for

Bea, Golden Retriever

Leyland, Preston

heart greenNibbler’s favourite treats are digestive biscuits and Benevo rumble strips. He loves to chew and destroy his toys, especially squeaky ones

Nibbler, Jack Russell Terrier

Dunchurch, Rugby

heart greenHenry currently eats Barking Heads as his owner has tried him on plant-based dry food but he prefers the homemade treats. He loves to run off lead in his local nature reserve, he is a naturally fun loving dog.

Henry, Retriever Cross

Failsworth, Manchester

heart greenAll 3 eat home cooked pulses/brown rice/oats, various veg and V-complete supplement from Germany. Their favourite treats are coconut cubes or flakes (unsweetened). The boys like raw veg and some fruit. Jessi more fussy. They love chasing each other, catching a big squeaky ball and shaking fluffy toys. Zak had stiffness until we changed him to a plant-based diet. He has on and off had ear infections and skin issues but improving now.

Zak, Jessi, Bobbi

Stanley, Co Durham

heart greenTwiggy is a 5 year old Staffy Cross who is very healthy and active and has been plant-based for years

Twiggy, Staffy Cross