Our Supersprouts Family Recipe

As long as you weigh everything, you will have it 100% balanced. We have worked out exactly how much your dog needs. Depending on your dog’s weight, our recipe makes enough for 6 days, 3 days or 2 days.




Ingredients for vegan vets supersprouts recipe made of sprouted lentils and alfalfa sprouts


Why Sprouts?

Most legumes that are used as a protein source in plant-based diets such as chickpeas and lentils contain a high amount of phytic acid that inhibits the absorption of valuable vitamins, iron and calcium from the intestine. To reduce the levels of phytic acid when lentils are eaten, it is very important to soak them; eat fermented legumes such a tofu which is fermented soya, or ideally sprout the lentils easily on your window sill.

All of these methods aim for an environment to allow the maximum absorption of these important nutrients from your dog’s large intestine.

Ingredients for plant-based dog food supersprouts homemade recipe made of sprouted lentils and alfalfa sprouts


Cooked ingredients each carefully weighed out in grams specific to your dog

  • Frozen green peas
  • Chopped sweet potato (no skin), and kale (can use chopped pear and asparagus instead)
  • Rinsed and chopped sprouted lentils and sprouted alfalfa
  • Drained and rinsed tinned chickpeas (1 tin drained weighs approximately 250g)
  • Quinoa – dry weight


Nutrient rich icing also carefully weighed out

  • Ground almonds
  • Desiccated coconut
  • Chopped fresh parsley, basil and thyme
  • All-In-Veluxe supplement
  • Borage oil
  • Algae oil capsules
  • Oat or almond milk



  • Weigh out the drained and rinsed chickpeas and frozen green peas and add to the pot
  • Chop the weighed amounts of sweet potato (no skin) and kale (can use asparagus and chopped pear instead of kale and sweet potato)
  • Rinse and chop sprouted lentils and sprouted alfalfa
  • Weigh dry amount of quinoa and rinse well
  • Add everything to the pot
  • Cover with water and boil for an hour
  • Drain excess water from pot and mash or blend the mixture
  • Breaks up too much so no need to cook, just divide into portions


Nutrient rich icing:

  • Cut the tip off the algae capsule and squeeze out the contents
  • Weigh out the borage oil or sunflower oil (in grams)
  • Weigh out the coconut, ground almonds and VEGDOG supplement
  • Chop fresh basil, thyme and parsley and add to the mixture
  • Mix together with a little oat milk to form a paste
  • ONLY WHEN COMPLETELY COOLED, ice the top of the cooked food
  • Place in biodegradable packaging or containers to freeze for each day’s use

Defrost overnight to feed in the morning to your dog.

Weigh and chop the sweet potato (no skin), pear (with skin) and asparagus
Weigh and chop the sprouted alfalfa and lentils
Add drained quinoa, frozen green peas, drained and rinsed chickpeas and the vegetables to a pot and boil for an hour
Once boiled, drain excess water and mash or blend well
Mix together the nutrient-rich icing made from the carefully weighed VEGDOG supplement, oils and herbs
Supersprouts recipe packaged and prepared in biodegradable packaging and ready to go into the freezer