Dr Arielle being interviewed by BBC Radio 4 with Ruff!

“When I chose to transition our own family dog to a plant-based diet, I was deeply concerned about the impact that it would have on his health and what other people would think, and how he would adapt to not eating any more animal products.

Once I knew that I had it completely right for him, only then could I help others, and as a vet, I am blown away daily by the difference that a plant-based diet makes to the health of our dogs!”

Listen to passionate vet Dr Arielle Griffiths talk about all the benefits of transitioning dogs…

green paws challenge leafWith itchy skins

green paws challenge leafWith digestive issues

green paws challenge leafElderly pets with painful joints

green paws challenge leafPerfectly healthy dogs full of energy and the science behind why plant-based will help them to live longer!

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Meet your guide

Dr Arielle Griffiths MRCVS

Dr Arielle Griffiths MRCVS

Vet, Nutritionist and Director, Just be Kind Dog Food

Arielle is a vet who is passionate about the bond we have with our pets and teaching others everything that she knows about sustainable and kind plant-based feeding in dogs and ensuring that we all get it right. She is married to a vet and they have a very healthy and happy 100% plant-based dog Ruff who loves his food as much as his Mum does!