Dr Arielle being interviewed by BBC Radio 4 with Ruff!

Sorry that you missed the live Webinar on the 9th October. Dr Arielle is passionate about our dogs and plant-based nutrition, but not running Zoom Webinars on her own so we apologise for her many technical hitches in the recording below!

We have included images of the slides that she showed in the Webinar as the final recording did not show any slides, so we have uploaded the audio only. We hope that all these technical hitches do not stop you from listening to such important information that Dr Arielle has to share.

Thank you for listening!

Dr Arielle Griffiths and Ruff being interviewed by BBC Radio 4
Dr Arielle working at PDSA with Labrador Paris who she helped with nutrition advice
Panda Bears are this beautiful on a 100% plant-based diet of bamboo leaves and they belong to Order Carnivora
Skull bone of a dog that is 10000 years old and found to have been domesticated
It's all about the gut
Cymru the Corgi suffered from severe IBS
Dr Sue Paterson top veterinary dermatologist first began importing Solo Vegetal
Benevo is 20 years old and V-Dog has been around since the 80's
So much choice now! Omni and Noochy Poochy is soyas based and all rest no soya
Pets At Home own brand plant-based Wainwrights is vegetarian
Give A Dog A Bean will launch at the end of October
Betsie the Toy Poodle developed a Vit D3 and Calcium deficiency and severe pain from lack of supplements in her plant-based diet
Taurine must be supplemented in diets to prevent Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Mac the rescue with IBS eats a wholefood homemade diet
Feed The Rainbow new recipe with beetroot
Plant Powered Feast is extremely palatable
Jumble the Labrador belonging to Prof Clare Knottenbelt
Prof Andrew Knight and his groundbreaking studies
Dr Arielle with vegan son Andrew and vegan daughter Sarah and vegan dog Ruff at local park run
Aardwolf - shy little mammals that live off 2 species of termites and belong to Order Carnivora
Drake the 60kg Great Dane who had a behavioural change from a wholefood plant-based diet
Buddy the Bulldog with severe atopic dermatitis who was close to be putting to sleep as his skin was so severe until he went plant-based
Bruno and Ruby and Solo Vegetal - he is 11 and has outlived all his littermates
DoGood is fresh vegan dog food and Fleetful Recipe Packs offer fresh packs to homecook easily
Rescue Podenco Kissy developed urinary tract problems eating Scrumbles
Anne Heritage's dog Floyd who lived into her 20's on a wholefood plant-based diet and Bramble who lived till 25
Cyprus rescue Lola
Supplement homemade diets with Just Be Kind Supplement and Omega 3 Algae oil from Vegetology
Hearty Umami Stew
Terrific Tofu Traybake
GOLD DUST joint supplement had remarkable effects with Inca the Labrador
Prof Clare Knottenbelt's happy place
Ruff our very happy vegan dog!

We all need to start a movement!