Meet Our Inspiring Plant-Based Team

We are a number of passionate individuals who all feed our dogs plant-powered foods and want to share our unique knowledge with you

heart greenArielle is a vet who is passionate about the bond we have with our pets and teaching owners everything that she knows about sustainable and kind plant-based feeding in dogs. She is married to a vet and they have a very healthy and happy 100% plant-based dog Ruff who loves his food, especially when it is lovingly homemade wholefoods!

Dr Arielle Griffiths MRCVS

Vet, Nutritionist and Director, Just be Kind Dog Food

heart greenGuy is a highly respected small animal vet. He has his own beloved black labrador Bondie, who is 13-years-old after surviving mouth cancer at the age of 4. Guy has long been wanting to feed Bondie healthier, more sustainable and cruelty free food, so he created his own plant-powered and very popular dog food brand OMNI.

Dr Guy Sandelowsky MRCVS

Vet, Surgery Certificate Holder & Director, OMNI

heart greenHOWND was founded in 2015 with a simple mission: to improve the health and wellbeing of dogs without unnecessary harm to other animals. Jo has been an animal welfare activist all her adult life, so co-founding a cruelty-free, ethical pet care brand was a natural step for her. We believe that we can all make a difference one meal at a time, collectively reducing our ‘pawprint’ on the planet while feeding them delicious and balanced plant-powered food.

Jo and Mark

Founders, HOWND

heart greenDoGood was founded by Steve & Christina, and our two beagles Bella & Watson! Our story began while living in Cambodia – where dogs are considered food, not pets. We regularly saw dogs slumped in cages in the 35C heat being sold for dog meat at the markets. After adopting Bella & Watson, it was heartbreaking for us to have to walk them past the spit-roasted dog meat stall at the end of our road every day. This started us questioning if eating dog meat is so unthinkable to us, why do we eat other animals? And why do we feed our dogs the meat of other animals too? Because there wasn’t really such a thing as commercial dog food in Cambodia, we quickly discovered how to make nutritious dog food & treats ourselves and we soon realised the power of natural, whole-food ingredients. We quickly became plant-based eaters ourselves and after much research, we learned that dogs are also able to thrive on a plant-based diet like us – so this is what we fed them.

Steve Hutchins

Founder, DoGood Balanced Fresh Foods

heart greenProf Andrew Knight’s extensive studies have proved without doubt that it is safe to feed a 100% plant-based diet to your pet as long as it is balanced with all nutrients present.
He remains modest through all his achievements and studies, and is the perfect professional to learn from

Prof Andrew Knight MRCVS

Vet and Professor of Animal Welfare and Ethics, Sustainable Pet Food

heart greenLucy is a dedicated and passionate vet who runs McKinna PlantLabs – their flagship product is the nutritionally complete Noochy Poochy vegan dog food, made with organic ingredients and blended with nutritional yeast to give a cheesy flavour that dogs love. She has 11 adopted dogs and cats who all live in blissful harmony (95% of the time!)

Dr Lucy McKinna MRCVS

Vet and Director, Noochy Poochy

heart greenMy name is Holly and I’m on a mission to get owners interested in canine nutrition. You are what you eat – dogs are what they eat too. I launched Fleetful to empower owners to feed their dogs nutritious, unprocessed home-made food, toppers and treats! Fleet is my beloved plant-based companion. She is healthy, energetic, no longer suffers from joint pain and has the most amazing stools! She eats home cooked plant-based unprocessed and highly nutritious foods

Holly Roberts

Founder of Fleetful, Fleetful Plant-Based Nutrition for dogs

heart greenI am committed to trying to ensure that pets are as healthy and long lived as they can be. As an RCVS specialist in Small Animal Medicine and a Veterinary Oncologist, I spend much of my time supporting owners whose pets have cancer. As one in every three dogs and cats will develop cancer it’s a problem that sadly affects so many owners. Unfortunately, our current dog Jumble has already had a mast cell tumour removed, and at 8 years old is starting to experience middle-aged spread. At this point in his life, the risk of him developing many diseases including cancer increases and if his weight isn’t kept under control, he is at greater risk of mobility issues too. It was only when he started on a plant-based diet, that we noticed his energy return and the extra weight disappear – suddenly he was bringing us his toys again to play!

Dr Clare Knottenbelt MRCVS

Veterinary Oncologist and dog owner, Hawk & Dove Referrals

heart greenJudy & Damien are co-founders of THE PACK and pet parents to Blossom. They are revolutionising dog food one bowl at a time with nutritionally complete plant-based food. It’s been a truly game-changing few years for them, where they were struck by how little innovation there has been in the pet food space. They founded THE PACK on the belief that there’s a better option out there for our furry friends. An option that’s not only better for our dog’s health but better for our planet and for all the animals who call it home.

Judy & Damien

Co-Founders, THE PACK

heart greenShiv is the proud dog dad of Leo, his adorable vegan Cockapoo puppy and joint founder of plant-powered dog food brand OMNI. He became empowered to start a plant-powered dog food brand after becoming frustrated by the strong-hold of the big pet food companies and their detrimental impact on the health of dogs as well as the health of the planet.
Having had generations of dogs thrive on plant-powered diets in India and Sri-Lanka where he and his family are from, Shiv was always perplexed as to why most owners in the West feed dogs processed meat diets, or worse still raw meat diets despite all the health problems these diets are associated with. His family dogs typically lived to 14 and 16 years of age having never eaten a single ounce of meat yet he’s always been acutely aware that in the UK the average life expectancy of meat fed dogs is closer to 11.

Shiv Sivakumar BSc Msc

Impact Entrepreneur & Founder, OMNI