“I feel I’ve got it so wrong for so long”

💚 I started my dog, Cash, on a plant based diet 5 months ago, and the results have been amazing! He is an elderly dog with arthritic hips.

He holds his weight off his back left leg more and more these days as he has arthritis in his left hip. We decided to give him the Librela injection, starting August 2021, but stopped after 6 months as it didn’t seem to be so effective after a while.

Elderly Schnauzer cash with a lamb
💚 He had 12 sessions of physio in March and April this year, with water treadmill therapy, infrared and electrical stimulation. It made a slight difference, but not enough to warrant the cost!

Since we adopted him 6 years ago, I assumed meat was the healthiest choice, so he has been eating, in chronological order, from a butcher or supermarket: chicken carcasses, lamb skirt, beef, chicken, whole rabbit, sardines and raw eggs. I tried to cut down on the meat and replace 1/3 of his meal with raw finely chopped veggies mixed with sardines and eggs, he didn’t like it much!

I did this for 6 months. Then tried raw frozen menus for 4 months. He didn’t enjoy these very much.
He seems to really enjoy his vegan meals right from the start!

💚 I have been introducing your homemade supplemented vegan meals to him for the last month, but still mixed with his normal whole rabbit meals. But he hasn’t had rabbit for the last 4 days now.

Normally he has not wanted to walk for more than 10 – 15 minutes at a time. But this morning for the first time in many months, he chose to keep walking and we walked for around 40 mins!
We were amazed, and VERY VERY happy!”

💚 The Plant-Based Nutrition Course answers all the questions you’ll need to do it yourself and remove any doubts you might have about getting it right!

💚 Being a raw diet advocate for 6 years, and I can now see that it wasn’t the best for my dog. On plant-based he is absolutely thriving.

💚 Most would say that old dogs can’t get better once they start declining, but I have been proved wrong by the plant based diet. Good for everyone! Thanks Arielle for all your advice and all your amazing help! 🙂 “
Rebecca and Cash 🐾

Dogs go Plant-based
Nancy’s Calcium levels were worryingly low!

Nancy’s Calcium levels were worryingly low!

If you are not using a commercially prepared complete vegan dog food, with a formal analysis that you can check for nutritional completeness, be very careful that you are meeting a dog’s nutritional requirements